Top 2 Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips From the Pros

Mar 29th

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – The kitchen plays an important role in maintaining the health of our family. The kitchen is considered an important room in our home. Keeping your kitchen clean and fresh is the key to a happy and healthy family. And while we’re talking about kitchens, let’s talk about the best features, cupboards. Cabinets determine the appearance of your kitchen.

If you have a worn cabinet and you want to replace it, installing a new one can be an expensive choice for you. Instead, you can repeat the cabinet to make it as good as the new one. A simple paint job can change the overall look of your kitchen and also praise the decor. Here are some tips for painting kitchen cabinets from professionals.

Step 1: Remove all doors, shelves, drawers and hardware from the pedestal and wall cabinets. Clean the surface with clean, soft, and mineral cloth. You can also use Tri Sodium Phosphate. Remove all oil stains, dirt, wax and other stains. Your paint will not work well on a dirty and oily surface. Step 2: Open the finished surface and even with light sanding. If you have curves or grooves on the surface of your cabinet, use a good wooden filler to fill it first. After sanding, clean the sanding dust with a clean cloth.

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