Things to Consider When Doing A DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets Install

Mar 25th

DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Replacing a kitchen cabinet can be a big expense. Usually around forty percent of the kitchen renovation budget is spent on the cabinet. One way you can save a little money for this is by installing a DIY kitchen cabinet. Then you avoid paying other people for this job. However, this is a pretty big job, and you have to be relatively easy around the house to get it right.

The first thing you need to do when planning to install a DIY kitchen cabinet is to find out what type of cabinet you need. You need to take measurements and find out what configuration is most suitable, and what material you want from your cabinet. You can make it from metal or various types of wood and you can choose from a number of different door designs.

If you buy an unfinished cabinet, you have to deal with painting or coloring to finish it before you can install it. After this is complete, you are ready to start. Make sure you have someone around to help you. It takes at least two people to do a DIY installation because the cabinet is heavy, and you need someone to hold the cabinet in place while other people tie it to the wall.

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