Rustic Kitchen Island Design

Mar 26th

Decoration rustic kitchen island is a display that is here, there and everywhere. To illustrate this look will be a place of chic and rural city style overlapping in a cool way. Rustic wood, earth elements, antiques, faded fabrics, and soft cotton throws blend into Rustic Luxury. Together they create an interior that unites the better of their two worlds. Both feminine and masculine, ying and yang, mixed with warm chocolate palettes, fine taupe, white wash and multilayered textures.

The distressed wood furniture that is reclaimed is a style that speaks with some style of interior decoration but must have a rustic, rustic appearance. This beautiful barn door is made of wood saved from ancient Indian Haveli or buildings. The old door desk immediately became a statement when added to a room. For the greatness of reclaimed wood, try a buffet with wrought iron fencing and original tiles.

Metallics create a modern dimension from this display that makes Luxe a top class fashion. Mirrors are wrapped in old jharokha windows or through accessories such as metallic hue fabrics and shiny candle holders. Traditionally silver-inspired lazy chairs, Queen of Hearts add a classic luxe touch to the room. This classic stands apart from more worn pieces and feminine metal accessories. The kitchen uses rustic antique manjoosh, Indian chests on wheels with elephants and peacock carvings as an island combined with crystal wine glasses creating a luxurious, practical yet eclectic decoration.

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