Ideas to Renovate Your Tall Kitchen Table

Mar 27th

Rather than despair over your tall kitchen table, make the most of it. Tall kitchens that incorporate the right design allow for maximum use of vertical space and minimal movement between stations, making them ideal for any serious chef. Why? Because everything you need and use is within reach. For those unfamiliar with this style kitchen, Tall kitchens are narrow passageways with counter space and appliances on two sides. Your workspace runs between the two. Some have doors at both end of the room, though others open directly into the next room. Use these kitchen renovation ideas and fall in love with your Tall kitchen!

Think Vertical: Maximize your storage space and look up. Select tall cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. If space remains above your cabinets, use that above-cabinet space for additional storage. If possible, store your pots and pans on a pot rack; you can get hanging racks that attach to the wall or ceiling.

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Let There be Light: If the room feels small, see what you can do to increase natural light and make better use of artificial light. In other words, layer your lighting. For instance, cabinet-top lights that point to the ceiling can create a nice ambiance and make the ceiling feel higher. Light colors in the floor, cabinets, or countertops can also create a sense of space. Mirrored back splashes will reflect light and glass-fronted cabinets can also make the room look more spacious.