How to Plan Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Mar 26th

Kitchen Recessed Lighting – The kitchen is one of the areas in the house that is used by every member of the household and hence can be called the most important part of a house. When it comes to kitchen lighting settings, it must be practical and layered to illuminate every angle that can be used. Recessed lighting usually sits in a hollow area to provide light in a downward projection. This effect concentrates the light to place the spotlight on a dark area.

Each kitchen is arranged differently and for that reason there is no one kitchen lighting plan that will work for everyone. Different people have different tastes and some like lighter than others and vice versa. When planning lighting for a kitchen, every corner and corner of the room must be considered. Recessed lighting may be most effective on a counter, equipment, and sink area.

Layering lighting can bring lighting at different levels and create a balanced display for the kitchen. Well planned lighting can ensure that all the right places in the kitchen are well lit. To make a good lighting plan, you must start by measuring the kitchen using graph paper. Adjust the right scale on the graph paper that shows the length and area.

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