How to Clean Glass Top White Kitchen Table

Mar 27th

White kitchen table is one of the perfect surfaces if you are looking for a surface that will not be stained. Because glass is a non-porous material, any liquid material that accidentally spills will not stick and stain the surface and can be easily cleaned. But the glass surface can also easily become dirty and look sad just by touching the glass. You can see all the fingerprints smeared all over the glass surface.

The secret to cleaning and maintaining a round kitchen table your glass is clean and shiny is to clean it on time after you use it. But the best way to clean your glass table is to use a cleaning agent other than water. Some have their own “secret weapon” in cleaning dirt, fingerprint stains on glasses, and if you have a preferred brand in cleaning glass, you can use it too. But if you want to use a homemade solution, you can try it.

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Before applying a cleaning solution on the kitchen table over the glass, you must first remove and remove all large food particles on the table and use a lint-free cloth. You can apply a little alcohol to the surface and spread alcohol using a lint-free cloth and clean it. Alcohol evaporates quickly so it doesn’t leave water streaks on your glass table.