Different Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures

Mar 26th

Kitchen Light Fixtures – Kitchen lighting fixtures are also referred to as figures, come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes and sizes. This gives users many lighting options to choose from. Some of the most common types of lighting equipment are: Ceiling fixtures. Ceiling fixtures are designed in such a way as to provide general lighting throughout the kitchen. Usually, they project down from the ceiling and are usually the biggest lighting part found in the kitchen. This equipment can also be hung at the breakfast corner or kitchen table.

There are two types of ceiling fixtures; flush-mounted mounting ceilings with glass or diffuser touching the ceiling and semi-flush ceiling fixtures where the bowl projects from the ceiling such that it hangs a few inches away, with light not directly bouncing off the ceiling (think just like the upside down umbrella).

Pendant lamps, pendants are also known as suspensions or hanging lamps. Like ceiling fixtures, hanging lamps also hung from the ceiling. However, they need more space than adding more pizzazz compared to ordinary ceiling fixtures. They provide general lighting and have at least two arms with down lights or lights up. They are most often used with a formal dining room or dining table.

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