Cornering Your Kitchen Table and Chairs

Mar 28th

Now kitchen table and chairs have found a way back to the kitchen as an extension of the choice of eating at home, the question becomes in many homes, “how can we integrate smart kitchen table and chair sets into the space we have?” the problem, of course, is that many modern homes, and even some old houses, aren’t really designed with this combination of furniture.

Smart designers are increasingly turning to the idea of ​​a fixed angle for the kitchen, one that makes maximum use of the little space used to offer the most seating and the largest number of table space. Traditional kitchen tables and chair sets need a lot of space, mostly because of the chairs. Most professionals recommend a minimum of 30 “between the edge of the table and the wall; more is desirable because there is not much maneuvering space with only 2½ feet, especially in this day and age.

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The corner unit fixes this problem. Because the bench seat can be attached to the wall, there is no need to accommodate the additional space needed so that the chair can be pulled out. This is an amazing space saver. Corner kitchen tables and chair sets can be added in one of two ways. The first is the most traditional, using a bench instead of a seat in the corner.