Choosing the Best Portable Kitchen Island

Mar 27th

Portable Kitchen Island – Probably the most important aspect of kitchen renovation is choosing a floor plan. When deciding how to organize your kitchen, you must really take the time to think about how your family uses space and choose the most functional plan for you. Floor plans in the kitchen mainly consist of cabinets and islands and may be separate meals in the area. Basically there are 5 different “shapes” where you can configure your closet.

In the simplest kitchen, you might find a closet on one wall. This can be practical if you have a long, narrow kitchen. This is the least functional type of kitchen. If you need to have this type of plan, make sure the sink is in the middle with the oven and fridge nearby so that the chef can easily prepare food. Also make sure you have enough counter space between the equipment.

A common mistake is to place only 8 “between the equipment and there is not much you can do with that small space. This type of layout is not conducive to family gatherings in the kitchen unless you have a larger area where you can put tables and chairs – even then, your back will belong to everyone when you prepare food.

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