Backbone of Your Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Mar 29th

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets is the backbone of the Ikea Kitchen. Before going for an Ikea kitchen installation, make sure you know the various types and styles of cabinet solutions available and how you can use them to maximize your kitchen space. Ikea’s typical kitchen consists of a lower cabinet, a top cabinet and a kitchen table. You can find customized solutions depending on your needs, the layout of your kitchen and the equipment you need. Washbasins and other equipment can be accommodated to get custom solutions that are most suitable for you.

The most common cabinets are 15 ”, 18 ”, 21 ”, 24 ”, 30 ” or 36 “wide; 24 ” inside for lower cabinets and 12 ” inside for upper cabinets. There are other sizes also available and you can choose according to your needs. Most cabinets are available in one-door or two-door style. The key is to plan the wardrobe combination that is most suitable for you.

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Other options worth mentioning are full self-closing extension drawers that glide smoothly and silently, pull baskets, carousel solutions for corner units, high and short pull cabinets, vacuum cleaners, recycling solutions, hide cut boards, organizer equipment and much more. Also open shelves, hanging hangers and shallow depth mini cabinets are increasingly popular these days. You can mix and match the Ikea wardrobe, design, style, doors to get unlimited choices with lots of inserts and additional shelves.