Are Glazed Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas DIY Friendly?

Mar 25th

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – Who wouldn’t love the look of a glass-lined kitchen that spices a touch of vanilla on a bare raw maple that looks at the edges? While antique painting kitchen cabinets are a hot trend, the price tags associated with this style are not. This is out of reach for many people who hope to renew their kitchen appearance – not paying debts at the price of luxury vehicles.

The kitchen cabinet paint ideas discussed in this article will help you achieve the look of changing your kitchen from blah to extraordinary. The glass kitchen cabinets give the newly painted kitchen cabinet an older look that is very trendy now. This also complements the look of your kitchen, while turning off the modern look of stainless steel that is very popular in the kitchen today.

One thing to keep in mind with glass-coated kitchen cabinets is that it’s not a textbook process. This is one that takes certain artistic talents when deciding where and how much glazes to erase to reach an ‘old’ look. Before you panic, remember this is also a very forgiving process. Glass kitchen cabinets allow someone to clean the board if you don’t like the look and start from the beginning. Be sure to work quickly before the glaze starts to dry out.

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