New reproduction copper tank liner reproduced for Antiquities Vending for Mills 45.
HAND SEWN COVERS are made to perfectly fit your machine.
Before and after of Cavalier 51 Rollers. REPRODUCED FOR ANTIQUITIES VENDING.
25 points for you to consider

1. Antiquities Vending Company will not be undersold. Compare the price of our world’s best restoration to others. For example, our restoration of a Vendo-81 or Cavalier 72 is only $4000.00. You may purchase a machine directly from our company or let us help you locate a restorable machine to purchase on or off the Internet. There is no extra charge. We are just glad to help. We have local shipping companies who are able to transport your purchased machine from door to our door for its restoration.

2. Your machine is completely disassembled. All inside and outside liners, cabinets, trays, racks, rockers, cams, covers, panels, mechanisms, etc are sandblasted. Inside parts are sandblasted a second time before chrome powder coat is applied. Damaged inside liners and shelves are replaced with identical reproductions. We work close with two machine shops in our area reproducing brilliant exact replacement copper, galvanized, steel and polished stainless tank liners, shelves, cover plates, vented sides, panels, door backs, etc. We replace damaged dented galvanized panels with new shiny replacements. These steel or galvanized identical replacement panels and parts can then be powder coated for the customer at no additional charge.

3. We use only the best premium paint and wood stains. We use the best base coat – clear coat money can buy. We have exactly matched all our color shades against from the factory vintage mint original upright and chest soda machines. We currently preserve over 700 vintage machines in house for their historic content.

4. Coin Mechanisms: We chrome and plate your machine's metal coin mechanism. It is about 4 times more expensive for our company to Chrome your coin mechanism over having your mechanism totally plated. How else can you be the best in the world?

5. During our best restoration, all upright, round top, Cavalier, Glasco, Vendolator, soda machines currently receive a METAL COIN MECHANISM. These machines are not historically correct with a plastic coin mechanism. We restore / chrome and plate these historically correct changers and include them with our best restoration at no extra charge.

6. During our best restoration, we replace 100% of all parts on your antique soda machine when identical reproduction replacement parts are available in and out of house. Your machine will not only look new from the crate, it will be new from the crate.

7. During our best restoration, we restore to perfect the original stainless steel trim on your vintage soda machine. Where the stainless is missing or damaged beyond repair, we replace with real chromed metal and reattach correctly using threaded shafts and fasteners. Where the customer prefers metal trim between colors on two color machines, real chrome again is used. We never use plastic chrome or stick on metal or aluminum during our best restoration.

8. We offer a four-year warranty on our restored antique soda machines again at no extra charge. No other company on or off the Internet currently matches this.

9. We do not use vinyl lettering during our restoration process. Vinyl lettering is not historically correct to the machine. We return each machine’s outer shell back to its original state with PAINT ONLY. All embossed letters as well as un-embossed letters are screened on during the painting process to its factory correct size and color using factory correct procedures. On the outer cabinet of our restored machines, all the lettering you see is painted. This eliminates having different shades of the same color on one machine. All letters are completely and historically correct in color and size, and will stand against the elements.

10. Each Best Restoration includes a FREE CHIP, CRACKER, or SODA RACK floor display that can be used for snacks or empty bottles and will cosmetically match and compliment your vintage restored soda machine.

11. With our best in the world restoration, you will receive your restored upright, chest cooler, or vintage soda bar fully stocked with GLASS BOTTLE SODAS. For example, a VICTOR three-door soda bar arrives full of over 300 pounds of sodas. No other company on or off the Internet currently matches this offer.

12. We restore all antique soda machines, not just the more popular, more profitable, or easier restorations. We restore vintage refrigerators and flake Ice machines. We restore your machine from head to toe to tag. We reproduce original service men, refrigeration schematic, wiring schematic, brand, model, manufactures, paper tags and labels that were attached to your Vintage machine by the Manufacturer before the machine was shipped to the original bottling, vending, Distribution Company. These tags, etc are reproduced from original examples we have accumulated over the years. No other company on or off the Internet currently offers this.

13. Each completely restored machine is returned to the customer sporting a custom sewn to fit padded protective cover with a large matching professionally stitched logo. No Extra Charge.

14. In some cases when you compare vintage soda machines of the same model, manufacturer or type you find mechanical differences or improved parts inside these machines from early production runs to a later production runs. One example of this is the Cavalier model-51. The Cavalier C-51 uses a long 51-cavity snake-like belt system to transport 6.5oz Coca Cola bottles one behind the other to the Vending Door. This belt glides on one star like sprocket and four piano roll like galvanized rollers. Early model Cavalier C-51 machines used a version of this roller with a black plastic center. These centers cracked and bogged the belt system down making it harder for the belt to rotate from vending position to vending position. I have actually seen original C-51’s where the roller does not rotate at all. The belt drags across the frozen roller during operation eating into the rollers outer surface as metal grinds against metal. When these rollers are removed they usually fall apart. They were made Cheap to start with. They resemble a hollow paper towel like structure held together with metal fold down tabs and saucers on each end. Later model C51 rollers were improved. The plastic centers were replaced with ball bearing metal centers. Our Company operated Cavalier C51 machines in the early 90’s in service on our vending route and the plastic center rollers were a big problem for us. My main concern was the wear and tear on the belt itself as it scraped its way around the machine. These mechanical belts do not grow on trees. Our Company removed an original ball bearing roller from a late model C-51 machine and sent it into the machine shop to have it identically reproduced and improved. Our company has today an exact reproduction roller that is cosmetically the same as the original rollers of the late 1950’s era with a ball bearing center. This new Roller has not only a much brighter metallic finish than its 1950’s predecessor; it has been reproduced with a solid core inside for increased strength and balance. When spun this roller will rotate on its axis for over 21 seconds until it comes to a complete stop. Today we reproduce the improved versions of several different rollers, gears, drum covers, clamps, tank liners, door liners etc for CAVALIER, VENDO, VENDOLATOR, JACOBS, WESTINGHOUSE, KELVINATOR, MILLS machines, etc. We keep in house several original lock and key assemblies, Chicago key codes, which allows us to have re-cut original keys that historically match your rare machine or hard to find lock mechanism. We have a reproduction in the works for the bubbler water fountain and we currently reproduce rolling carts for all machines and soda bars. We have a reproduction replacement for Cavalier and VENDOLATOR upright machine rollers and they come painted or chromed. Any improved parts that our company currently reproduces will be included with your completely restored antique machine free of charge.

15. We operate vintage machines in actual service 7-days a week 24-hours a day as our research and development department. No other company on or off the Internet currently does this.

16. Our company stocks one of every vintage bottle soda machine, all different manufactures, models and brands from 1925 to current that is original from head to toe to tag. This allows us to maintain your personal machines historical characteristics during its restoration preventing the STREET-RODDING of your machine. No other company on or off the Internet does this.

17. After we completely restore your machine. We provide each customer with a complete photo history of his or her soda machine before, during and after it’s restoration. Each completely restored machine includes the owner’s manual, parts manual, extra point of sale materials our company has managed to accumulate over the years as well as a vintage soda machine key chain. Who else does this?

18. Our company preserves and maintains the largest in house collection of vintage soda machines in the world today.

19. Our company is the last exclusively fully operating antique vending company left in the world today.

20. Our company restores more antique refrigeration systems and antique machines each year than any other company in the business. We repair all WET systems, DRY systems and MISSING systems. Antiquities Restoration Company is the only company currently offering the complete restoration of vintage wet refrigeration Systems and we are the only antique soda machine restoration company with a state certification to practice refrigeration.

21. Our company donated money, time, and product to 23 charities in 2003.

22. Our low overhead and in house restoration facility allows us the flexibility to offer you a ‘have-it-your-way-restoration’. Since a restoration occurs in stages, we can offer you the restoration of just the part or parts of your specific vintage machine that needs attention. Our company can restore the refrigeration unit of your machine without your machine leaving the house.

23. Antiquities Restoration Company is the only refrigeration service company in the world today that completely dedicates all of its resources toward the restoration of vintage equipment. Our Company returns your vintage refrigeration to its factory correct state and color. We restore each refrigeration system by hand, leaving the original metal tags intact and replacing missing manufactures paper tags, schematic tags, warning tags, etc. We replace all motors fan blades thermostats, compressors, damaged condensers, filters, start relays, rubber, bolts, capacitors, wire, nuts, bolts, Refrigerant, etc. We use only RB276-refrigerant which is engineered for R12 Vintage refrigeration systems. The vending side of our company operated a few antique upright soda machines in service in the 90’s that were converted to 134a refrigerant. The machines we had in service that still had their original R12 refrigerant systems seemed to work better, get colder, and cool faster. Diehard 134A fans have told us in the past that if a antique refrigeration is converted to 134a and then fails after about 5 years, it was probably on its way out anyway from its age. We still have today 50-year-old - R12 original equipment working in service as well as 50-year-old- R12 equipment running with the New RB276-blend refrigerant. All of the 134a conversions from the mid 1990’s- have failed. We see some of the same wonderful characteristics in RB276 that we saw in R12 several years ago. Our warranty on our refrigeration systems is twice that of other restoration companies for our best machine restoration and our price is near half the cost. Your restored refrigeration system will perform as good as new, keep your soda pop mush ice cold, and bolt correctly back into your machine. We restore your machines refrigeration system while preserving your refrigeration’s historical distinguishing characteristics, content, and vintage appearance.

24. WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST. Because we understand the workings of all vintage soda machines in any condition, we can also be of assistance to you if you purchased an improperly restored machine from another restoration company.

25. Our company historically preserves your machines distinguishing characteristics and vintage appearance during its restoration from head to toe to tag. We offer the works with our best in the world restoration. In honor of this one step above a cherry Antique Soda Machine best restoration, you will receive a deluxe box of RUSSELL STOVER’S CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES-winner of America’s number one chocolate covered cherry -FREE with each restoration.